• Evacuate Istanbul!

    İstanbul –with a rough estimation and miscalculation – is a city of 12 million. The city is situated near the North Anatolian fault line, which runs from northern Anatolia, along the Black Sea coast to the Sea of Marmara. Two tectonic plates, the African and the Eurasian, push against each other here. This fault line has been responsible for several deadly earthquakes in the region throughout history. Every year under the sea, the southern mass of the fault pushes up from the Arabian Peninsula, with a very fast rupture rate, shifting the northern plate by 2.5cm (one inch) towards Europe. This dead-locked stalemate inevitably reminds us of the dichotomies experienced by the Turkish Republic throughout her history. This idea is also well supported with the fact that the prospective earthquake is an earthly activity which can be coped with in human terms like all the others, rather than being a natural disaster. In this context, the earthquake (prospective and happening now) and remote Anatolian locations as real and metaphoric phenomenon constitute the content of this show. Minding the hesitant relationship between the art and real life in urban scale, we built our visual strategy complying with conventional data visualisation methods in urban context. The show is particularly consisted of optimization and visualization of almost real time and updated data parsed from Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute web site, for a low-res display, like 240x180 pixels.  It is exciting to know that the project will make a modest contribution to the everlasting bright lights of Beyoğlu – formerly known as Pera -.