• Empire Front

    In the centennial anniversary of the Great War, Empire Front responds to Multiculturalism from an American perspective in the context of war. Empire Front is an installation consists of around 576 photographs and an animation. Photographs and captions accompanying them are appropriated from online public realm that relate to recent battle and US deployment zones, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Somalia, Turkey, Kosovo and Singapore. Framing these catastrophic sites as intercultural contact points, local cultures in these areas are observed through the lenses of the deployed soldiers as well as day to day life in deployment. American soldiers experience, for instance, the local food, sports, street life and everyday life. These online images are printed and characterized as photo notes or almost like postcards sent by soldiers from the fronts. The animation resembles to drone vision above the locations from which these images searched and downloaded. The installation comments upon online culture, data visualization, digital photography, military vision and surveillance as well as the globalized nature of contemporary conflict.