• PixelIST: Festival for Electronic Arts and Its Subcultures

    A new node in the Pixelache network, PixelIST focused on knowledge production for its first edition. Collaboration between Pixelache Helsinki and Bilgi University Visual Communication Design Department. This node in the Pixelache Network, manifested as a pedagogical 3-4 day plaform, which we called a 'curated pedagogy' project, involving participants from the Pixelache Network and friends (Helsinki, Malmö, Budapest, Berlin, London), plus performances from local cultural practitioners from Ankara & Istanbul, including up 30-40 VCD students as participants. It focused our activity on the transfer, exchange of knowledge in the process, the localisation of imported knowledge and the value of locally-produced vs. network-produced knowledge. It is our hope to produce a self-reflective encounter, asking ourselves “how do we produce and share knowledge?”. Programme coordinators: Aura Seikkula, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Ahmet Atif Akin