• Mutant Space, Spokane

    Installation views of Mutant Space, Spokane. A generative multimedia installation driven by a piece of Uranium - 235 ore. March 6th - April 3rd 2015, from dusk till dawn. Spokane at Laboratory! Interactive, Digital, Performance art at 301 W. Main Street, Spokane Washington by Atif Akin, March 2015. In the memory of James Leroy Acord (1944-2011) An artist who worked directly with radioactive materials dedicated to the idea of transmutation and demystifying technology. Thanks to Alan Chatham of Laboratory! for his personal and institutional support. Background photograph is taken at Washington Hanford Site, March 2015.
  • Empire Front

    In the centennial anniversary of the Great War, Empire Front responds to Multiculturalism from an American perspective in the context of war. Empire Front is an installation consists of around 576 photographs and an animation. Photographs and captions accompanying them are appropriated from online public realm that relate to recent battle and US deployment zones, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Somalia, Turkey, Kosovo and Singapore. Framing these catastrophic sites as intercultural contact points, local cultures in these areas are observed through the lenses of the deployed soldiers as well as day to day life in deployment. American soldiers experience, for instance, the local food, sports, street life and everyday life. These online images are printed and characterized as photo notes or almost like postcards sent by soldiers from the fronts. The animation resembles to drone vision above the locations from which these images searched and downloaded. The installation comments upon online culture, data visualization, digital photography, military vision and surveillance as well as the globalized nature of contemporary conflict.
  • Mutant Space: Zone

    ZONE: Mutant Space Chernobyl is one of the online components of the project produced with the grant provided by Terminal a space sponsored by the Department of Art and the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts at Austin Peay State University to showcase and examine internet and new media art. Project was selected by juror Greg J. Smith for the 2013 – 2014 Terminal Awards. Terminalapsu is directed and maintained by Professor Barry Jones.
  • Evacuate Istanbul!

    İstanbul –with a rough estimation and miscalculation – is a city of 12 million. The city is situated near the North Anatolian fault line, which runs from northern Anatolia, along the Black Sea coast to the Sea of Marmara. Two tectonic plates, the African and the Eurasian, push against each other here. This fault line has been responsible for several deadly earthquakes in the region throughout history. Every year under the sea, the southern mass of the fault pushes up from the Arabian Peninsula, with a very fast rupture rate, shifting the northern plate by 2.5cm (one inch) towards Europe. This dead-locked stalemate inevitably reminds us of the dichotomies experienced by the Turkish Republic throughout her history. This idea is also well supported with the fact that the prospective earthquake is an earthly activity which can be coped with in human terms like all the others, rather than being a natural disaster. In this context, the earthquake (prospective and happening now) and remote Anatolian locations as real and metaphoric phenomenon constitute the content of this show. Minding the hesitant relationship between the art and real life in urban scale, we built our visual strategy complying with conventional data visualisation methods in urban context. The show is particularly consisted of optimization and visualization of almost real time and updated data parsed from Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute web site, for a low-res display, like 240x180 pixels.  It is exciting to know that the project will make a modest contribution to the everlasting bright lights of Beyoğlu – formerly known as Pera -.
  • Earthquake Visualization on Seismi

    Online data visualization teaching platform based on JSON feed from Seismi. See http://teaching.paganstudio.com/seismi/.
    with E Roon Kang.
  • TypingLot

    TypingLot is a self initiated Urban Type Collection.
    It is updated realtime from my instagram account.
    Please visit http://typinglot.com
  • ZAP

    "Zapping is a mode of editing" and via this idea I claim that our editing choices are limited to the choices of the group of broadband powers called "media". My aim was to develop a critical approach to the “media” by predetermining the editing (zapping) choices of the viewer myself, to become the “media”. apart from the choices of the viewer the range of meanings and their determinations are limited since the result of these choices are pre-edited. To achieve this purpose, randomly captured clips are exported into an object-oriented program, which enabled me to edit the movies frame by frame and these clips are edited and projected on a virtual remote control.
  • KH

    Commissioned by herself, Karolyn Hatton's Artist Portfolio Site. Please visit: http://karolynhatton.net
  • Sekom Corporate Website

    Corporate website design for Sekom.
    Please visit http://sekom.com.tr.
    with Volkan Ölmez.