• Uncharted: User Frames in Media Arts

    The “Uncharted” exhibition included a selection of contemporary artworks involving the large-scale use of digital and interactive media. The exhibition featured works both by renowned and as yet unknown avant-garde artists and groups of artists from all over the world. Interactive and immersive qualities of the works were well to the fore to enable the visitors to discover spectacular forms of artistic expression and radical changes in the relationship between the visitor and the work of art. As a module presented by ZKM, “YOU_ser: The Century of the Consumer,” curated by Peter Weibel and Bernhard Serexhe, showed the first contours of this new user-based art through changing art works and positions. Works by young artists, especially who participated in different contexts to the media festivals initiating technological advancements on digital platform, were exhibited in the module curated by Ahmet Atıf Akın on behalf of santralistanbul.
  • .doc:LAB

    .doc:LAB started with a summer school in İstanbul, on art, design and multimedia. Courses were held in santralistanbul with the academic support of ECAL and Ars Electronica. Aiming at attracting attention from a globally networked, trendsetting art and design community, the curriculum and the content of these courses underlined the cultural similarities caused by the creative and professional commons. As authorized by ECAL, .doc:LAB provided ECTS credits of niche courses to students from Europe, in a socially vibrant and pleasant atmosphere in İstanbul.
  • PixelIST: Festival for Electronic Arts and Its Subcultures

    A new node in the Pixelache network, PixelIST focused on knowledge production for its first edition. Collaboration between Pixelache Helsinki and Bilgi University Visual Communication Design Department. This node in the Pixelache Network, manifested as a pedagogical 3-4 day plaform, which we called a 'curated pedagogy' project, involving participants from the Pixelache Network and friends (Helsinki, Malmö, Budapest, Berlin, London), plus performances from local cultural practitioners from Ankara & Istanbul, including up 30-40 VCD students as participants. It focused our activity on the transfer, exchange of knowledge in the process, the localisation of imported knowledge and the value of locally-produced vs. network-produced knowledge. It is our hope to produce a self-reflective encounter, asking ourselves “how do we produce and share knowledge?”. Programme coordinators: Aura Seikkula, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Ahmet Atif Akin
  • Untitled 2

    Untitled 2 is organized and curated by Atif Akin on behalf of Istanbul Bilgi University Photography and Video Department for the academic inauguration of year 2010, Liege University in Belgium. The exhibition is reviewed by William Klein and Agnes Varda.
  • Cities, Connectivity and Creativity

    The 'Cities, Connectivity and Creativity' exhibition adjunct to the conference has a challenge to scrutinize and compare each of the three concepts in the conference title. So, it is divided in three main categories referring to the title. Exhibition is curated and organized by the academic staff and students of the Kadir Has University with participation of some other photographers and designers from Istanbul. Ahmet Atıf Akın, Eser Selen and Can Pekdemir attended the exhibition as the curators and designers.